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Political Acuity is set to launch in 2021, but feel free to contact us anytime!

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Ryan Love
President and CEO
Political Acuity

Political Consulting
Are you interested in running a political campaign but youíre not quite sure where to start? Have you already started your campaign but the race is too close not to seek out professional help? No matter what your needs, Political Acuity has the knowledge and expertise to help you in any situation. Our staff has worked on local, state and federal campaigns in multiple states across the country which gives you the edge over any of your competitors.

Branding and Messaging
What makes someone stand out from the rest of the pack? How do you get people to not only remember you, but to vote for you, as well? Whether you need help creating a logo or crafting a message that resonates with the voters, the staff at Political Acuity includes experienced communication coordinators, graphic design artists and speech writers who are ready to help you out on a momentís notice.

Social Media
70% of people today get most of their information through the Internet using on-line newspapers, Facebook or some other means of social media, and 23% get their news from at least two different sources. If you canít get your message out to the people through more than one of these processes, your campaign could be reaching only a small percentage of the voters in your area. The staff at Political Acuity has the experience and knowledge to make sure your message is not only heard but shared with more than just your initial audience.

Print Media
As great as Social Media is, nothing beats a great flyer that someone can hold in their hand to refer to later or to show to other people interested in finding out more about you. Political Acuity can help you with every aspect of Print Media, including drafting, refinement and execution.

Website Design
With dozens of political and non-political websites under our belt, Political Acuity has proven to be a leader in website design. Our approach is not simply to sell you something off the rack but to make sure what you want is actually what you need. In most cases, we have ended up recommending a simple, political-based Facebook page which is not only free to set up, but also helped our clients in tracking actual interactions. No matter what your needs, Political Acuity will be with you every step of the way including consultation, setup, updates and additional refinements along the way.

Every campaign, whether local, state or federal, must always watch the bottom line, and advertising is where most of the money goes. With the partnerships our company has cultivated, you can be sure you are getting some of the best rates available for signs, shirts, Print Media and other forms of advertising. Political Acuity will also work closely with you to help calculate out where your hard-earned campaign dollars would be used most effectively.

Opposition & Market Research
Previous clients have told us that our political research is second to none. With private investigator experience, connections throughout the industry and unparalleled internet search skills, you can be sure we can find the information your campaign needs to succeed and put it into a format that is easy to understand and use.

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